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Nicole Rietz


Oshkosh Wisconsin Family Photographer, Family Portraits, Newborn Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Professional Headshots Photographer, Senior Pictures Photographer. Real Estate Photography

​​As a photographer I strive to capture my subjects in their truest form. I want your photos to portray who you are at that moment in time. I will focus on what it takes to get the "real you" to come alive in your pictures. I want to tell a story, your story, who you are at this time in your life. 


Taking pictures should be fun, not work. I will pose you for certain shots but I like to see where you take it from there. Candid shots are sometimes the one's that really express the emotions you are feeling at that time and the one's that tell "your" story. 

My goal is to develop a connection with my clients that will keep them coming back throughout the years. I look forward to meeting you and your family. 

Nicole Rietz

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